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I haven’t really posted anything new for a while now. I decided last week that I wanted to play around with ChartJS, my CMS homepage was looking pretty boring and could do with a makeover. So I thought, why not make something useful and scratch the developer itch.


I've been working on the new dash for the last couple of days, which will show some metrics/Graphs/Info. I got pretty far, and then disaster struck!

I woke up on Monday morning a couple hours earlier than usual, so I can write some tests and put my new dash on my staging environment. I looked over at my fancy Lenovo X1 Carbon and saw sparks coming from the power connector. I've tried to turn it on, but looks like it’s pretty fried.


Even more annoying is that my previous employer paid for the laptop, therefore I do not have a valid warranty.

My shakey hands

 Anyway, every cloud has a silver lining, it does mean that I finally have a valid reason to get the Microsoft Surface Pro 3! I will eventually send my Lenovo for repair, and probably hand it down to someone in the family.


So I now have up to 10 days to wait for my new laplet (I guess that could be a new term for Microsoft laptop tablet- if no one has coined it, I call dibs!).


I'll do a review as soon as I get it, but until then, there won’t be many new developments for SiliconPanda and this blog will probably stay pretty empty, and my lovely new dash will have to wait...