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Today marks another milestone for Microsoft, it’s been talked about for a while now. Today Microsoft announced that Core Runtime Libraries are open-sourced, including JIT, Garbage Collector and more!

Microsoft has also thrown in a couple of stocking fillers; including Asp .Net5 (vNext) will be support on Linux and Mac. Satya Nadella spoke of his love for Linux and the efforts the company has put in to get Linux working well on Azure. However I am suprised that it will become cross platform so soon.

A new version of Visual Studio was also announced; Community Edition, this follows Microsoft new pattern of give everything away; it is priced at a very competitive £0 (for non-commercial products, people in education and anyone contributing to open source).

Visual Studio Community Edition will be what everyone wanted VS Express to be. It promises to be a full IDE, capable of what Visual Studio full editions are capable off.

As Visusal Studio Connect(); is current going on right now I’m sure there are many more interesting announcements to come.

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Gregg Duncan


It is great to see that Microsoft is actively helping the community and making it easier than ever before for people to start developing amazing products easily. Its an exciting time to be a .net developer...