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At the start of this year I was speaking with a friend of mine; Deema Zainy, about her idea to start her own online publication. After a couple of minutes explaining why she wanted to start it, and the content she wants to curate, I decided that I wanted to be part of it.

Deema was born in the Middle East, however grew up in England, mainly in London. I guess, like many people, she was tired of only hearing the politics concerning the Middle East and finding it unnecessarily hard to find a good source of information on what the Middle East has to offer in regards to the arts, which are in not in short supply, even if the sources covering them are a little sparse.

Deema is a talented photographer, accomplished graphic designer, well-travelled, and definitely into her art (with a major crush with street art and architecture). We soon realised that with her knowledge and connections to the Middle East that she would be the perfect person to start he own online publication on the subject matter.

So while Deema went ahead with sculpting her brand and sourcing content, I started on SiliconPanda, which would eventually be her CMS, along with her shiny new website.

It’s been a good few month’s hard work, but I think I am ready for the first stage on handover. 1 lovely new site, ready to be filled with new exciting content and 1 easy to use CMS for her to start organising the great content she has been curating.

Melon let SP share a large chunk of the styling, thanks MELON!

So it will probably be some time until the content is finished up and posted, but this marks a milestone for SiliconPanda. In a way the entire SiliconPanda blog is real world testing, a way for me to play with all the features I have put together before it is used on the magazine, named: MELON.

With a focus on all the great things the Middle East has to offer, without the politics, which is available in boat loads from uncountable sources. It can be seen as a mix of cultures from western cultures to Middle Eastern, without any of the depressing parts. So if you want to see a great collection of ideas, art, music or events, then swing over to