Blog 2014 as a dot net developer 10 things that happened in 2014

With new year’s fast approaching, why not reflect on everything that has happened.

Each day we will reveal the next in the this 10 top series, with a pretty strong lean towards .net and azure.

So be sure to check back!

 Satya Nadella

 Microsoft Surface

 Microsoft Conferences

 Azure Improvements

 Microsoft went open source VNext

 Cross Platform



 And finally, this is the one we are most excited about.. SiliconPanda Launched

So thats been our year, most of this list was directly linked to SiliconPanda and sites associated with it. Theres also been some really exciting peaks of what is to come next year. Including stable release of vNext, windows10, advancements in chocolatey, VisualStudio 2015, new windows phones, Cortana developer improvements and features and many others.

And remeber to check our public Trello board to see what we are currently working on.