Blog 2014 as a dot net developer 10 things that happened in 2014 Azure

For a few years I have used Channel 9 heavily as a great source of information. There have been a few conferences this year which has been Microsoft’s platform to release new services, hardware and strategies. 

These are my favourite conferences from 2014- all can be found on Channel 9



 TechEd Europe

 Azure Conf



Build conference really kicked of the year and showed the start of Microsoft's plans for 2014.

Cortana, new mobiles and rumours of the surface all announced.

Along with some really interesting stuff with Visual studio online, HD insights, game development, 3D printing 

But for me, this was such an interesting conference as it really showed the plan for .netC# and what was going to happen over the coming months and years. Along with some really interesting mobile bits


The dotnetConf was really interesting,it followed on nicely from Build, with talks on the future of c# again and state of .net

There where some really interesting talks during these couple of days, including whats new in EntityFramework, Identity (including 2 factor auth) and my persoanl favourite, a glimpse of the end game and whats to come.... MVC6 (With integrated Web API)!!!

TechEd Europe

Again there was another really interesting talk on the future of C# with nice examples of what's new in Visual Studio including custom diagnostics, which will make writing code and adhering to your companies custom policies so much easier.

We where also given a nice insight into Windows10 and Mark Russinovich becoming the new CTO of Azure

There was also a few interesting talks about the start of Microsoft being cross platform, with Xamarin being a nice way to do this with .net with a big focus on ASP.NET vNext.

AzureConf 2014

This conference was relatively small, however I found it one of the most interesting, it was presented by many of Microsoft's MVP's with code examples of what we can do right now using the Azure infrastructure.

These are a few of my favourites

Azure Services for Big Data

Machine Learning

Azure CDN

Azure Search


Connect was a really exciting conference, it showed where Micorosft has been trying to get to over the last year.

Visual studio became free, .net became open source, .net became cross platform (core) and examples of Asp.Net5 with Core and framework.

EF7 with some interesting developments in code first migrations with different stores, C#6 and 5